Radinn G2X 2018
Radinn G2X 2018

Radinn G2X 2018

Jet Board England

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The most advanced of its kind. Reach speeds of up to 58 km/h in near complete silence. No need for messy oil change or maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat.



  • 51,8 V; 56,1 Ah; 2900 Wh
  • Push to close, 3 push-buttons to open
  • IP69K waterproof
  • 25 min ride time (Power Pack)
  • Up to 45 min ride time (Power Pack XL)


  • 40 kg including battery
  • Up to 30 knots < 80 kg
  • Up to 25 knots < 95 kg


  • 15kW
  • Computational fluid dynamic design
  • Easily replaced trhough 6 screws

Radinn Ultra Fast Charger

  • ~ 2 hours charging time

Radinn Power Pack

  • ~ 2800 Watt hours (~25 min full speed)

Radinn Power Pack XL

  • ~ 4000 Watt hours (~35 min full speed)

Radinn Up-and-Go Grip

  • Handle grip, rope and fastener for beginners


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