Jetson MARLIN 2018

Jetson MARLIN 2018

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Big waves are challenging! Facing giants water walls carries much risks, much higher and intense as bigger and powerfull are the waves we deal with.

Safety is one of the basic premises when hunting big waves. The MARLIN gun provides not only the best features of a big wave surfboard (9’5”) but an extra safety point which may become vital in an XXL session. Its integrated jet provides the surfer an extra push that may be decisive at the boiling moments: take off, paddle and to evade the hot zone after a wipeout or when a bigger set is coming through.

The gun MARLIN han been developed in cooperation with big wave rider Óscar Gómez Ibars, co-discoverer of spanish renamed spot of La Vaca (Cantabria), to become the first boosted gun of the international market.


9’3″x 23’6″ x 3.3″
10,3 kg
Aluminum alloy propeller


Battery and Charger–Li ION 17A–1 hr. 30 min. battery life in Eco Mode
Blank cover for the jet (to surf without assistance)
Owner’s manual
All other accessories are optional


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