ASAP Wave Jam 156
ASAP Wave Jam 156
ASAP Wave Jam 156

ASAP Wave Jam 156

Jet Board England

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Wave Jam has been designed for pure adventure,
blasting you effortlessly across lakes, rivers and sea
punching through surf so you catch every wave!
It’s fully enclosed high power electric propulsion has been custom designed
for a blend of speed and torque. This means it will pull you through the
water at high speed, as well as being awesome at towing friends. Wave
Jam’s lightweight Lithium-ion battery gives you an average of over 60
minutes of fun in the water, then can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.
All of our patent pending water craft technology are designed and hand
built in the UK for you.


Weight: 24kgs
Top Speed: 16km/h
Power: 5kW
Runtime: 60-70mins
Fast charge: 90mins
Standard charge: 180mins
Dimensions: 145x60x28cm
Battery: 50V 1.46kWh 31.2Ah, Lithium-ion
Buoyancy in water: 60kgs
Number of speeds: 3
Motor performance: 4000rpm in water
Hull/body: Dense moulded foam Steering: Body weight leaning Stopping: Water resistance
LED display: Speed selected & battery remaining


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